Monday, December 21, 2009

Charlie Bear has arrived

We started out last Saturday going to breakfast at Pancake Circus on Broadway, in the rain no less. Not only was it a big day for the family, with Charlie's pickup within hours, but little Cora sat in a big girl booster/highchair while we ate breakfast.

We took our time driving to Lodi and when we arrived too early we stopped at Starbucks. We were all so excited to pick up Charlie. We made the short drive from downtown Lodi out into the country where the breeder is located.

We arrived and when we were introduced to the puppies Scott fell in love with the biggest most "rotund" of the two male puppies. Charlie got a bath as we visited the other puppies and gathered our things. It was a fun car ride home for me because I was lucky enough to have the sweet little puppy on my lap.

The girls have fallen in love with Charlie and he is fitting into our family quite well. He's doing well with his training that Scott has been working on. He goes to work with Scotty everyday so he can be trained well and constantly. This puppy stage doesn't last long and we're loving and hating every minute of it. He's so sweet and soft and cuddly but at the same time mischevious and untrained.

Please enjoy a few pics of

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