Friday, September 17, 2010

Breakfast time! Recipes 9-12

Growing up, and even in our house now, breakfast is a big deal, especially on the weekends. Over the years the importance of meal times has slowly disappeared. Not only do we not have time to sit down and eat, but we sure as heck don't have time in the hustle and bustle in the mornings. These recipes are classics that will never get old, no matter how old you are or how busy your life has become. I grew up eating all of them often enough for them to become family favorites.

Surprise Muffins: Growing up my mom Kitty made these as a side dish to none other than Oriental Chicken Salad. Sounds weird but they actually go quite well. Because I was such a picky eater my mom always made me plain ones, but made the jam & jelly filled ones for my sisters and dad. I remember making the jelly filled ones for Scott the first time and watching them disappear before my eyes. Over the last year or so I have tweaked the recipe to have a little more milk, for moisture, and less flour. I have also gotten in the habit of adding only chocolate chips to the batter herein creating a Chocolate Chip muffin recipe that's AMAZING. Be careful when making this recipe, a second batch could be in the works without you even knowing it!

Pancakes: I, like most of the entire world, has grown up eating pancakes one of two ways: from a mix (bisquick or krusteaz) or at a restaurant. Little did I know that pancakes from scratch or easier, better for you, and tastier. There's a lot to be said about knowing what you're putting in your body, so less packaging the better. This recipe is delicious and tastes just like the ones my grandpa made me as a kid (even if they were from a mix).

Waffles: Aren't waffles the ultimate weekend breakfast food? Even after growing tired of the beloved Eggo waffle I still love a great waffle. I guess that's why I got married, teehee! For the waffle-iron! How on earth was I ever going to buy MYSELF a waffle-iron?! I have recently become somewhat of a waffle aficionado when dining out. All about town I am constantly ordering waffles, I LOVE them!

Puff Pancake: Besides the waffle the puff pancake is by far my favorite homemade breakfast item. This is so unique because you can't get a pancake like this anywhere else except for home. The ultimate version of this recipe is with fresh seasonal fruit (apples were a fave in our house) & the use of a cast iron skillet. Believe me, this recipe will succeed without them. Don't you want to have the tastiest most ultimate version of the puff pancake?!

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