Thursday, September 2, 2010

And so it Begins….

Scott and I have talked about compiling all of our family's recipes for a while now. With the holiday gift-giving season upon us we decided to pull out all the stops. I have been collecting recipes over the years from my childhood, schooling in NY, internships in the Bay Area, my own creations, and my recent compilations with my hubby. Recipes from my childhood are among the most abundant spanning three generations & eras as well as regions. The same thing goes for Scott and his family's recipes as well. Both interesting and colorful nonetheless with Norwegian specialties and good ol' Southern classics that round out our collection. We are in the process of "digitalizing" our collection by adding them to this awesome website Not only will our recipes be stored and catalogued online but they will also be available for purchase once we have completed the 115+ recipe collection. We are very excited to be sharing this food, gardening, cooking & grilling journey with everyone. Stay tuned for daily recipe updates and photos.

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